Our friends

While we are the only ones specifically campaigning against unpaid internships in the charity sector we are not the only ones fighting against unpaid internships and unpaid labour. Let us introduce you to the amazing work of our friends:

The carrot workers’ collective / Precarious Workers Brigade 

The carrot workers have been the first group in London fighting against unpaid internships. They have great expertise around the issue of unpaid labour – it is worth taking some time to explore their website. The carrot workers focus on precarious workers in the arts sector, if you are precariously employed by the arts sector check out this site.

Intern aware

Intern aware is a strong campaign against unpaid internships. It especially raised awareness of the illegality of unpaid internships in the private sector and that every worker is entitled to a minimum wage. If you are an intern not working for the charity we strongly recommend this site to you.

Boycott workfare

Boycott workfare is a UK-wide, grassroots campaign to end forced unpaid work for people to receive welfare. While this is different to unpaid internships, since you are technically not forced to do an internship, whilst workfare is not an option, we still see a connection between these two forms of unpaid labour. Both unpaid internships and workfare are justified with the argument that they make people ’employable’ and that is why it is ok that people work for free for some time. We fully support boycott workfare in their fantastic campaign!


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