Get involved

Join our group:

You can contribute to the development of this campaign with your ideas, experience and knowledge. Together we can stop the lunacy of unpaid internships in charities!

What you can do:

  • Organise in your charity

    Inform yourself, meet up with the other interns/in-volunteers at your workplace, join your trade union, speak to the staff about it, create a petition, negotiate with management. If you are still not successful with all that then together we can build a movement.

  • Campaign for justice in a charity you feel close with

     Write to your charity and enquire about the intern/volunteer situation and make clear that you do not support unpaid internships/in-office volunteering programmes. Also, make your anger known on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Write us your story

    Did you campaign in your charity? What happened? Was your campaign successful? Are you busy organising and you want to make your campaign known? You would like to organise but you are scared or there are other obstacles in the way? Let us know about it. We’ll publish your story.


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