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Intern Nation by Ross Perlin is current, very well researched and easy to read. We strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to find out more about the phenomenon  of internships. Unfortunately it is the only book written on this topic.

Newspaper articles:

Are charities’ unpaid interns really ‘volunteers’?, Guardian June 2011 by Tanja de Grunwald

Charities should not exploit young people through unpaid work, Guardian November 2011 by  Brendan Martin

Ethics and Interns: Dilemmas for social enterprises and charities, Public World report April 2012


Call to end unpaid internships in the Voluntary and Charitable sector, Unite’s blog ‘Unite for Our Society’ September 2012 by Gus Baker from Intern Aware.


Internships: Head start or labour trap?, ILO August 2012 by Hans von Rohland

Other articles

Charity interns should be paid, warns MP Hazel Blears, Graduate Fog, Feb 2012

Charity That Campaigns For ‘Access To Justice For All’ Offers Internships Only To Those That Can Afford To Work For Free, Legal Cheek June 2012, Alex Aldridge


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