Banning the advertising of unpaid internships – not a bad idea!

Hazel Blears attempt to ban the advertising of unpaid internships. In the private sector unpaid interns are illegal. However, there is very little action to enforce this law against unpaid internships. Banning the advertising of them would be a great step forward.

Unfortunately they are still legal in the charity sector, so the banning would exclude unpaid internships in this justice seeking sector!

Blears bill is a great start but more needs to be done! Join us to campaign against unpaid internships in the charity sector.


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Tell your MP to outlaw unpaid internships in charities too

Next week December 5th MPs will be discussing the issue of unpaid internships. MP Hazel Blears is to introduce a motion that will ban the advertising of unpaid internships and regulate the conditions of paid internships. As the law currently stands, charities are exempt from the law stating that interns should receive at least the minimum wage.

Use this NUS form to email your MP: Make sure you add a sentence about charities to your letter. Here’s a suggestion for after paragraph 6: Many charities, currently exempt from minimum wage legislation, also use unpaid internships under the pretense that these are just volunteer positions. But interns are fundamentally different from volunteers because they are seeking full-time employment. Charities should be covered by the same rules governing other sectors.

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Shocking use of free labour in joint charity campaign

2013 is going to be an exciting year for international development charities. They are launching an ambitious joint campaign to combat poverty which aims to be bigger than 2005’s mass mobilisation, Make Poverty History. As you might expect, the campaign will need some competent fresh hands. The NGOs want your energy, time and labour.

But guess what, folks? They won’t pay you a penny for it…

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Sign our petition to get NGOs/ Charities to pay interns a living wage

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Leaflet action at BOND’s annual conference

Join us for a lunchbreak leafleting action to campaign for justice in the charity sector this Tuesday at 12.30pm. View our leaflet to the BOND delegates.

We will have a leaflet action at BOND’s annual conference – a special opportunity to campaign. BOND is an umbrella organisation for over 350 charities/NGOs. It claims that all their members are committed to values such as social justice, respect for human rights and equal opportunities. But many of them take advantage of unpaid interns/in-office volunteers.

We say:
Practice what you preach – Pay your interns!!!

Stop replacing entry-level positions with unpaid volunteering. This is unfair and exploitative!

Diversity can only exist in the NGO sector if people are paid from their first job onwards! Otherwise the sector is only those who can afford to work whole months and years for free – i.e. those with rich parents!


When: 12.30 – 2 pm

Where: The King’s Fund 11–13 Cavendish Square London W1G 0AN

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We will paint. We will march.

We are having a banner painting session next Thursday 7.30 pm at Goldsmiths College, Main Building RHB 325 (follow carrot signs from front door) You are very welcome to join us.

And on Saturday we march! Join our intern bloc with the other intern groups (Intern Aware and the Carrot Workers Brigade) on the big TUC demo on 20 October to show that a future of free labour just would not work! We meet at 11pm at the Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), The Mall, SW1Y 5AH and then join the march together.

If you have any problems finding us call: 077 121 635 25

We are looking forward to march with you.

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Join the Campaign

It has only just begun ….

This campaign is just about to start – be a part of it.

We know that internships can be a difficult issue to campaign about and due to the flexible and short-term nature of many placements; interns come and go.

That’s why new experiences, new voices and people, who like us, believe this exploitation can be ended are crucial for the success of the campaign.

We are not just encouraging interns/in-office volunteers to join us but also people who would like to do an internship but do not get one or cannot afford it, ex-interns and all people who care about this matter of generational justice.

In short: We need your energy to make an end to exploitation in the charity sector happen! Come along to our workshop at 4-6pm on Saturday in the Cuts Cafe.

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